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How do we know that our farming is “regenerative”?

We work with local farmers and environmental scientists to refine our practices.  We harvest our winter hay from our pastures. During grazing season, we divide our pastures into smaller paddocks to manage where and how long our animals graze.  This practice allows the land to rest longer and for grasses to capture carbon through prolonged growing periods (i.e. carbon sequestration).  These practices have been the cornerstone of a research plan initiated by the Cows, Land, and Labor conference organized by Matt Garcia, Niko Horster, and Melanie DuPuis at nearby Dartmouth College in 2019.  Matt worked with Dartmouth biologist Caitlin Hicks Pries and Niko Horster of Shire Beef, to win a USDA grant to study soil and forage quality on Vermont farms such as ours using regenerative agricultural practices.

Who butchers our meat?

Our beef, pork, lamb is butchered at The Royal Butcher, a USDA approved site, so that we can sell in smaller quantities to you.  Noe Garcia is from Hillsborough, Oregon and has been a butcher since the 1970s.  He travels to Thetford twice a year to visit his family and process lambs and pigs “on farm.”  Matt has basic butchery skills given his work with his father at Frontier Meats in Azusa, California in the 1980s and 1990s. Our knowledge helps ensure that you get what you ordered. 

What makes our meat “cruelty-free”?

Our animals have extensive room to roam and two iconic barns for shelter and water.  We make sure that they maintain a healthy diet.  In the case of the pigs, they eat non-GMO feed from Green Mountain Feed in Bethel, Vermont.  Our belief is that the animal that the lives a happy life and is treated with respect every day of that life is the best way to combat the inhumane, mass production of meat in our unhealthy food system today.   

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